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Name City Country Votes Share
Restaurant Tim Raue Restaurant Tim Raue Berlin Germany 49
The Clove Club The Clove Club London United Kingdom 48
Florilège Florilège Tokyo Japan 45
Piazza Duomo Piazza Duomo Alba Italy 45
Geranium Geranium Copenhagen Denmark 44
Lido 84 Lido 84 Gardone Riviera Italy 44
Reale Reale Castel di Sangro Italy 44
Estela Estela New York United States 42
Hiša Franko Hiša Franko Kobarid Slovenia 42
Narisawa Narisawa Tokyo Japan 42
Quintonil Quintonil Mexico City Mexico 41
Twins Garden Twins Garden Moscow Russia 41
Disfrutar Disfrutar Barcelona Spain 39
Alcalde Alcalde Guadalajara Mexico 38
La Grenouillère La Grenouillère La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil France 38
Septime Septime Paris France 38
The Chairman The Chairman Hong Kong China 38
Le Calandre Le Calandre Rubano Italy 37
Maido Maido Lima Peru 37
Arpège Arpège Paris France 36
Don Julio Don Julio Buenos Aires Argentina 36
Frantzén Frantzén Stockholm Sweden 36
Lasai Lasai Rio de Janeiro Brazil 36
Mugaritz Mugaritz Errenteria Spain 36
Odette Odette Singapore Singapore 36

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